Wicklow Mountain 10k & Half Marathon 2016

B-active Team represented by Kate has completed the DEBRA Wicklow Mountain 10k Run on the 13th March.

We would like to thank our member Alan Creighton (Celbridge based running coach) who helped Kate training up for the event. With the shock-therapy of very first 16k run he had her completed at the very beginning of her training, it’s thanks to him she lost fear of long distance runs. Well played Alan, well played! ūüôā

By taking part in the DEBRA Ireland Wicklow Mountains Challenge, Kate’s not only taken on a tough personal challenge, but was also part¬†of a team of 800 runners who raise money for families living with EB. EB is rare, which means it gets very little government funding so your support is vital. Every participant¬†is helping to change¬†the lives of¬†EB families.

The event was organised meticulously and the atmosphere was amazing. Out of 231 runners starting in 10k challenge, Kate has finished 18th out of 80 competing female runners and 95th overall place with her time 01:02:17.  But as she said, it was all about great experience that sets her off for many more trail running challenges in the future. She also added it would be much more fun having other B-active members with her.

Kate summed up that¬†trail running is running on a completely different level. It’s for all people who love to push their limits and may find road running boring. The mountain runs are perfect for adventure loving individuals always set in beautiful mountain environment with many breath-taking views.

If you are training up or have completed any similar challenges, let us know and share your experience with our B-active Community.

B-active Team look forward to setting up training groups for similar races in the future and we welcome any ideas and suggestions from our members.

Well at the end of the day as with every challenge: ¬†IT DOESN’T GET EASIER, YOU JUST GET BETTER.¬†

Check out more photos of the event at: Wicklow Mountain Half Marathon Facebook Page

Find out more about DEBRA Ireland Charity here