B-active Biggest Loser Results

So it’s over this year. We have our winners. It was 7 weeks of great fun and WELL DONE to ALL participants of the Biggest Loser Challenge 2016.

Big Congratulations to Claire who is absolute winner. Claire lost massive 13.6 inches & 24.5lbs in total. Great transformation in only 7 weeks.

Out of all 4 teams, Nathan’s team did the best with completing their targets, burning calories and losing inches and pounds per member.

We’d also like to acknowledge Elizabeth Fatiroti (last year overall winner) who lost amazing 11kg/ 24.5lbs and Anne Sheehan who burned unbelievable 12,682kcal.

Outstanding results achieved also Brid Clancy with overall 10.5 inches lost and special price went to Joe Seery who as the only man had courage to complete the full 7 weeks of the challenge.

Photos of some participants who could make the night of results announcement speak for themselves.

For those who missed this year Biggest Loser Challenge, you don’t have to wait until next year. We will be launching ongoing weight loss clinic soon. Keep an eye out for updates.

Thank you all for great time and buzzing atmosphere and see you in B-active!

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