Transformation Of The Month

Our member Amanda has gone through a breathtaking transformation, where stating a numbers or pounds and inches lost is just pointless. Her looks says it all. We asked her to share her journey with you. This is about inspiration, motivation and focus and how wrong dieting can be. It’s not about starving yourself, but enjoying the journey where results are just natural outcome, not struggle.


In the photos 1&2:
Amanda trained 5 days a week with no set programme. She did lots of cardio 5/6 days a week and followed the slimming world diet, when she ate very little. She struggled to maintain weight loss, and the scale was going up and down.

Photos 3&4:amanda_after4

She invested in a personal trainer, with expert knowledge in diet, nutrition, health and fitness. She was given a structured programme tailored to her goals and started eating more food to fuel her body according to her lifestyle and training needs.
Amanda cut out the cardio training and immediately started seeing visual changes on a weekly basis.

Amanda’s shared her tips below:

“Focus on technique. It is not about how heavy you lift. Correct form is imperative”…we at B-active could not agree more with her.

Amanda added “Anyone can walk into a gym and swing heavy weights around. This will not give you results. You’re only wasting time and energy and risk injury.”

And here’s Amanda’s tips for ladies v weight training:

“Ladies, lifting weights does not make you bulky or look like a man, it will only ever add shape and definition to your body and make you look much more feminine, than cardio ever will. There’s always going to be special occasions – a wedding, birthday, etc. consistency is the key. Stay focused and you will see results. Throw away your scales and use how you feel and look as your motivation. Take photos every week and compare them. Once you start seeing results it becomes addictive”

Amanda speaks our mind and there’s a deep knowledge behind her success. It is most important to enjoy your journey and focus on progress, not perfection. Progress is Amanda’s driving force and look at the results. She recommends to take one day, one workout and one meal at a time. Every workout counts. Your last rep & set is as important as your first. So make it count.

Amanda also encourages other ladies never to compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10. We are all on our own journeys. So put on those runners, tie up those laces and get to the gym!

What an inspiration. Well done Amanda.