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Personal Training

Whatever your goals, a personal trainer from B-Active Fitness will get right behind you with all the expert guidance you need. Whether it be weight loss, increasing fitness, or developing muscle groups, a personal trainer will coach and motivate you until you reach your full potential.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Progressive training program to meet your goals and objectives faster
  • Fitting around your commitments and lifestyle
  • Motivating, effective and fun
  • Helps you to understand the principles of exercise and nutrition
  • Helps you sustain fat loss and improve your self-confidence
  • Safe and effective program designed to help you achieve success in your training


troy_personal_trainerTroy Reneker 



Chris Dunne

Chris is experienced and passionate Personal Trainer who has been training people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building or sport specific training, Chris will motivate and guide you to push your limits to the completely new levels and become the best version of you.

Chris also specializes in a small group personal training, so if you don’t fancy training by yourself grab your partner, training buddy or friends and Chris will make sure that you reach your goals fast while having a ball under professional guidance. This type of training is suitable for couples or maybe just friends training up for the same challenge or sharing the same goal. With that extra motivation you will never fall out of the fitness path again. 








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Ruth C.
Ruth C.
I am halfway to my goal, I have another stone to lose and am confident this will happen with the support of Chris my trainer whom I meet up with every month to up my game and challenge myself more. I cannot recommend him enough, he is very professional and ...
Erin P.
Erin P.
I started training with Troy in August 2015. From day one, I felt very comfortable with Troy. The training programme is constantly adjusted to keep it interesting and enjoyable, and to ensure that I am being pushed to my limits. I can’t thank Troy enough for his commitment to helping me work towards my goals, his friendly, professional and dedicated approach to making ...
Fiona G.
Fiona G.
Troy's personal training sessions are awesome and very challenging. He always has new exercises to switch things up so you don't get board. And he definitely challenges me to the max which is what I signed up for. I highly recommend Troy for all your personal fitness needs. you won't ...


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